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Top Trades is the most effective way of marketing your business in that for a nominal fee from R 180 /month for a full page which includes all the marketing of the web site. The site will be marketed in various forms from vehicle signage for all members, flyer drops, advertising in all the local supplements & papers, and internet marketing on all major search engines.

Many small companies have an existing web site but if it is not marketed aggressively the site will be used mainly as a portfolio. If a business signs up with an existing web site, their Top Trades page can have a link across to their web site if a potential client wishes to view additional information.

Top Trades will soon be the only site customers will be using to locate a specific tradesmen as it the most practical way to locate a tradesmen in their specific area, knowing that the listed tradesmen have had reference approval and have had long standing ties with their community.

Many customers have had bad experiences with tradesmen and are hesitant when it comes to picking up a local supplement and contacting a company they know nothing about regarding their work ethic or standard of work.

Top Trades in unique in that customers can go on the site, see a profile picture of the tradesmen, see some photos of past jobs and read a about how long the company has been in operation, a brief history and services offered.

If any company is interested in advertising with us please feel free to contact our sales representative Danielle on 071 687 9814 or drop us a line at Danielle will be able to advise which will be the best option and be the most beneficial for your business.

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